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[35] Factories of algae can produce anything, March 2017 
('Fabrikker af alger kan producere alt') - written in collaboration with Prof Poul Erik Jensen - Illustreret Videnskab, nr. 3 / 2017

[34] Appearance on the Danish daily news programme DR2, Nov 2016 

Head of Copenhagen Plant Science Centre, Professor Poul Erik Jensen appeared on the Danish daily news programme DR2 Dagen. See more.

[33] Blog post: Algae as vessels for (photo)synthetic biology, Aug 2016                  
by PhD student Konstantinos Vavitsas. See more

[32] Publication A Young Algaeneers Perspective, July 2016
A letter to the editor discusses the outcomes of YAS2016 on Malta. The authors are all fellows from PHOTO.COMM, AccliPhot and Plant Power.

[31] Newsstory regarding publication, May 2016

The microalge are cultured in large transparent plastic bags in greenhouses (here Novagreen) using natural light. Photo: Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences

The news story "Modified microalgae converts sunlight into valuable medicine" based on one of Plant Power's publications was posted both via the Faculty of Science (see here) and Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences (PLEN, see  here) at University of Copenhagen. 

[30] Article in aktuelnaturvidenskab.dk, May 2016
See the article 'Omvendt fotosyntese' (in Danish).

[29] Blog post about publication from Plant Power, Dec 2015
New blog post about using photosynthetic electrons to drive cytochrome P450 enzymes in cyanobacteria based on article by researchers from Plant Power, PHOTO.COMM and Copenhagen Plant Science Centre. The blog was originally posted on the PLOS Synbio blog. You can read the highlights here.

[28] Blog post: Artificial vanillin receptor modulates transcription, Oct 2015  
See the blog post by PhD student Konstantinos Vavitsas commenting on a transcription regulation system that responds to vanillin.

[27] Talk open to the public, The Danish Association for Natural History, 8-Oct 2015
by Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller. See more 

[26] Travel grant for Plant Power fellow, Sep 2015
PhD fellow Konstantinos Vavitsas has received a travel grant for visiting Assistant Prof. Steinn Guðmundsson, University of Iceland. Konstantinos will visit the Icelandic laboratory from 29/9 to 10/10 2015. During his stay he will work on the project “Use of metabolic modeling for terpenoid production enhancement”. See more

[25] Blog post: Synthetic metabolic route allows optimal use of xylose for bio-production of chemicals, Aug 2015 
See the blog post written by PhD Student Konstantinos Vavitsas from Plant Power for the European Association of Synthetic Biology Students and Postdocs.

[24] SEMINAR 31 July 2015: Regulatory mechanisms of CO2 acquisition in cyanobacteria          
by Martin Hagemann: Are metabolic signals involved in the sensing of changing CO2 conditions in cyanobacteria? See more   

[23] SEMINAR 30 July 2015: E.coli and Chlamydomonas   
by Prof. Colin Robinson: New platforms for the production of biopharmaceuticals and high-value compounds. See more

[22] Plant Power in Ingeniøren: 'pharmaceuticals from sunlight and tobacco', May 2015
Ingeniøren has brought an article about the production of Forskolin. See more.

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen's Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences utilizes tobacco plant chloroplasts to produce herbal Forskolin, which is used in sleeping pills, diet pills and against heart disease. (Photo: Lennart Soegaard-Hoyer, Ingeniøren)

[21] Fellow involved in Plant Power in Ingeniøren, May 2015 
Allison Maree Heskes from Center for Synthetic Biology and involved in the Plant Power project has received a prestigious 1.4 mio DKK Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant from the EU to elucidate the biosynthetic pathway of a natural compound from the fruit of the Chaste tree. Her research is described in Ingeniøren. See more.

[20] Post doc Johan Andersen-Ranberg wins PhD-cup, April 2015
In fierce competition with PhDs from all Danish Universities, biochemist Johan Andersen-Ranberg from the Plant Power project wins the prestigious competition PhD Cup 2015. See more.

Johan Andersen-Ranberg presenting his PhD project live on stage at the PhD Cup 2015 championship accompanied by his research object the plant Coleus forskohlii

[19] Participation in the COST Action "EUALGAE"    Prof. Poul Erik Jensen is one of the participants in the COST Action "European network for algal-bioproducts (EUALGAE)” See more

[18] Speaker at 2nd Synthetic Biology Congress,  Oct. 2015. 
Project Leader Prof. Poul Erik Jensen  is among the invited speakers at the 2nd Synthetic Biology Congress, 20-21 October 2015. See more

[17] Talk: The Future of Energy from Plants, Jan 2015   
Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller's talk on the potentials of synthetic biology at the World Economic Forum is now publicly available. See more

[16] Movie about Center for Synthetic Biology, Dec 2014
Watch the new movie from Center for Synthetic Biology which also features a number of researchers from Plant Power. See more

[15] Very successful conference in Berkeley organized by Plant Power, Nov 2014
With an exceptional line of speakers, the synthetic biology conference ‘Optimal production of High-Value Compounds – Dialogue between Fields’ took place at UC Berkeley at the Citris Center in November. Here are some of the highlights of the successful three-day conference

From the left: Prof. Phil Baran, Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller, Prof. Poul Erik Jensen, Senior Scientific Advisor at LEO Pharma Dr. Thomas Högberg, Prof. Jay Keasling. Click for higher resolution. Photo by PhD Student Artur Włodarczyk.

[14] Lecture at Experimentarium open to the public, 22-Oct 2014
Project Leader Prof. Poul Erik Jensen will give a Lundbeck Foundation lecture entitled "The science behind sustainable conversion - the green solution", organized by the People's University. See more    

[13] Algae art installation, Oct 2014
Italian painter, action and object artist, and art theorist Michelangelo Pistoletto were in Copenhagen in October with his installation The Third Paradise. The algae-installationen was made in collaboration with Agrotech and Plant Power. See more

[12] Talk "How bacterial photosynthesis works", 11-June 2014
Plant Power presented a talk by Prof. Neil Hunter from University of Sheffield. 
See link for more information

[11] Plant Power in the media, 25-April 2014
An article about Plant Power and PHOTO.COMM has been brought in the Danish online magazine for popular science Videnskab.dk. With the article we wish to soften and nuance the generally negative view on GMO in the public. See the article in Videnskab.dk (only available in Danish).

[10] On the cover of Plant Physiology, March 2014
Researchers from Plant Power have a cover story on the March edition of Plant Physiology: The first two steps of the biosynthesis of the drug forskolin are active inColeus forskohlii root cork cells. Here, forskolin and other bioactive terpenoids are stored in lipid bodies, which indicates a unique and novel function for these lipophilic intracellular compartments. See the cover-story here.

[9] News story at Science Business Update "Forskere får alger til at masseproducere sjældne stoffer ved hjælp af solen" [in Danish only], Dec 2013

[8] News story at the Department "Forskere får alger til at masseproducere sjældne stoffer ved hjælp af solen" [in Danish only], Dec 2013

[7] Talk "Production of isoprenoids in Synechocystis PCC 6803", Nov 2013
Plant Power presents a talk by Senior Researcher Pia Lindberg, Photochemistry and Molecular Science, Department of Chemistry - Ångström, Uppsala University
The talk is on 15-Nov 10-11 pm. For abstract on more information please download flyer.

[6] Gold medal in synthetic biology, Oct 2013
Students from University of Copenhagen has won the gold medal at the European Championship (iGEM, see below) in synthetic biology for students. Two of their instructors, Associate Prof. Björn Hamberger and Postdoc Brian King, are also involved in the Plant Power project. See more.

[5] Article in the Danish news paper Børsen, Sept 2013
An article was published 21-Sept 2013 in Børsen by Research Coordinator Nanna Heinz and Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller with the title "På toppen af fødevarepyramiden" (in English: "At the top of the food pyramid). The article deals with the need to deliver radical and groundbreaking innovation in the food sector, for example algae farmin. If you subscribe to Børsen you can gain access to the article (only in Danish).  

[4] PhD student Nikolaj Hansen awarded a COST action travel grant
PhD student Nikolaj Hansen has been employed in the project since 15-June 2013. He has successfully applied for, and was awarded a COST action travel grant to attended a Training School, jointly organized by PlantEngine and COST Action FA1106: “Training School on multiple gene assembly technologies for metabolic engineering and fruit biotechnology” in Valencia, Spain Sep. 9.-13.2013

[3] ISB News Report, July 2013
See the article "Using Synthetic Biology to Retarget Biosynthetic Pathways to the Chloroplast for Direct Access to the Products of Photosynthesis" (page 9-13) - by Poul Erik Jensen, Lærke Marie Münther Lassen, Thiyagarajan Gnanasekaran, Agnieszka Zygadlo Nielsen and Birger Lindberg Møller.

[2] Article in the Danish Newpaper Ingenøren
See the Danish article "Danske forskere vil omdanne planters grønkorn til medicinfabrikker" (in English: "Danish researchers will transform plant chloroplasts to medicine factories" - only available in Danish)

[1] Article in Aktuel Naturvidenskab, 2013
See the article "Drevet af lyset - fotosyntesen på arbejde" (in English: "Driven by the light - photosynthesis at work" - only available in Danish) by Bibi Ziersen, Poul Erik Jensen, Lærke Münter Lassen and Helle Juel Martens.