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15 September 2015

Team SpaceMoss - sending moss to Mars

In the media

Several Danish media and broadcasting corporations has picked up on the fantastic work done in combining astrophysics and synthetic biology by this years iGEM team from University of Copenhagen


Project SpaceMoss is conducting research in ways to apply synthetic biology to the challenges to space exploration and colonization of Mars. The team include some of the researchers involved in Plant Power.

This fantastic project and its potential hit the Danish public media massively today with several news stories in mainstream and in science news portals. Some ethics questions were raised, however the team readily answered all and had already taken it into account on the ethics section on their wiki page ...>

Project SpaceMoss proposes to genetically modify moss to produce compounds that could help sustain an environment fit for colonization of Mars. The project has three focus areas: Testing moss's ability to survive on Mars, genetically modifying moss to produce useful materials and educating and inspiring the general public about synthetic biology and space exploration.

This is where Synthetic Biology could provide the solution by making human missions to Mars more long termed, sustainable and low cost

Selected news stories: