SEMINAR 30 July 2015: E.coli and Chlamydomonas – University of Copenhagen

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29 July 2015

SEMINAR 30 July 2015: E.coli and Chlamydomonas

Professor Colin Robinson , School of Biosciences, Centre for Molecular Processing, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK


This presentation will cover two topics: a novel platform for the production of biopharmaceuticals in E. coli, involving export to the periplasm by the Tat pathway, and the production of proteins and high-value compounds in the alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. The former section will describe methods to export a range of biopharmaceuticals in a refolded form using the Tat protein export pathway. The methods take advantage of the Tat pathway's powerful 'proofreading' activity, whereby only correctly folded proteins are transported, and recent work has shown that proteins can be exported in a disulphide-bonded form if expressed in 'CyDisCo' strains. The latter part of the talk will focus on the use of transgenic C. reinhardtii strains to produce recombinant proteins in the chloroplast, including active cytochromes P450.

All are welcome