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13 April 2015

Secondment at NOVAgreen and U. of Göttingen


Three fellows were on a successful secondment at one of our industrial partners NOVAgreen as well as University of Göttingen. Read about their stay here.

CEO Rudolf Cordes from NOVAgreen telling the fellows about the company and their photo-bioreactors

At the beginning of March 2015 three fellows from PHOTO.COMM  (Gergana Kostova, Artur Wlodarczyk and David Malatinszky) visited the lab run by Prof. Ivo Feussner at University of Göttingen. With a great help of fellow Nodumo Zulu they received a hands-on training on lipidomics.

The course was divided in two weeks. In the first week fellows learned how to extract total and free fatty acids from freshwater green algae, analyze samples using GC and create lipid profile using in-house library. They had also an opportunity to culture and monitor growth of wt and engineered cyanobacterial strain Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 (created at UCPH) in non-standard conditions using plastic bags set-up and media developed by NOVAgreen. In the second week they used acquired skills to analyze lipid content in cyanobacteria.

Fellows also had the pleasure to visit our industrial partner NOVAgreen. They were positively surprised by seeing how the company works and what solutions are being used for maximizing yields and recycling of waste products for algae cultivation. In this manner phosphates and nitrates were recycled from methane production waste-water to feed algae.

In the spare time fellows enjoyed each other's company in Göttingen and they travelled together to Hannover.

Outdoors photo-bioreactor at NOVAgreen