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Focus of the conference

The conference seeks to explore a new multileveled approach to speed up knowledge development and enter the fast track to optimal, large-scale and market-relevant production of high value compounds.

We seek to explore a whole new controversial approach to collaborations: Until now organic synthesis and synthetic biology have been parallel disciplines that compete in many aspects but rarely interact. However, there is a great potential in combining the two fields with an overall aim of a more holistic approach and a more efficient output of high-value compound.

Via Organic Synthesis products can be made from scratch but in many difficult and time-consuming and often polluting steps. By Synthetic Biology genes and enzymes are moved between organisms, and pathways are combined in different ways. This secures a more pure and simple production once the organism has been created, but with the limitation that the enzymes should be available, and the products should not kill the organism synthesizing it. Synthetic Biology has its strength in production of very complex structures, whereas the strength in Organic Synthesis is to produce products and functional groups that are completely new to nature. By combining the two fields one could produce very complex structures with functional groups that are not found in nature,  but may have great potential as e.g. pharmaceuticals.

The conference will seek to broaden the horizon within this area of high-value compounds. Therefore, we have invited NASA to present their view of what kind of compounds, products etc. will be needed in the future. For instance, what is needed to sustain our lives both is space as well as on Earth (pharmaceuticals, polymers, degradable plastics, biomolecules etc.) in an environmentally friendly way? These presentations will be followed by facilitated matchmaking between industries and researchers as well as between the different disciplines of research.

Lastly, “master classes” between relevant areas will secure knowledge transfer between users of different organism as production hosts.

For further information please see the program and the description of the sessions.