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UC Berkeley and University of Copenhagen proudly present

Optimal Production of High Value Compounds
– Dialogue Between Fields for more Efficient Output

Join leading scientific experts and industry in a new type of dialogue that will speed up knowledge production and co-create the fast track to optimal, large-scale and market-relevant production of high value compounds.

Leaders of their fields Synthetic Biologist Professor Jay Keasling and Organic Chemist Professor Phil Baran accompanied by world-leading industry; NASA, Amyris, Evolva and LEO-Pharma will set the stage for seizing the Grand Opportunities. 

See more details here. 


Day 1
- Session 1: Synthetic Biology & Organic Synthesis – common challenge, competition or collaboration?
- Session 2: Grand Opportunities - Bridging science, industry and investors
Day 2
- Session 3: Production hosts and bilateral knowledge exchange
- Session 4: Compartments & Localization - Enzymes and Products
Day 3
- Session 5: Unifying cloning principle and synthetic biology workflow to facilitate generation of 100s of permutations

Please download the full program and the description of the individual sessions.


Prof. Jay Keasling - U.C. Berkeley, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Phil Baran - Scripps Research Institute, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Dr. Lynn Rothschild - NASA's Ames Research Center, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Richard Kitney - Imperial College London, GB (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Stephen Mayfield - U.C. San Diego, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Dr. Sunil Chandran - Amyris, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jørgen Hansen - Evolva, DK (download ABSTRACT)
Dr. Thomas Högberg - LEO-Pharma, DK (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Krishna (Kris) Niyogi - U.C. Berkeley, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Steve Oliver - University of Cambridge, GB (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Christoph Benning - Michigan State University, MI (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Jutta Heim - Aravis SA, CH (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller - University of Copenhagen, DK (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Poul Erik Jensen - University of Copenhagen, DK
Prof. Wim Vermaas - Arizona State Uni, AZ (download ABSTRACT)
Assistant Prof. John Dueber - U.C. Berkeley, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Assistant Prof. Ming Hammond - U.C. Berkeley, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Assistant Prof. Packo Lamers - Wageningen UR, NL (download ABSTRACT)
Dr. Dominique Loqué - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & JBEI, CA (download ABSTRACT)

List of all speakers including speakers selected from abstracts.

Price and registration

Participation only on 10-Nov: Price $130 (DKK 720, Euro 97)*
Participation in all three days 10-12 Nov: Price $330 (DKK 1800, Euro 241)*

*the prices includes food and drinks but not accommodation.
Master students can attend for free but still need to register

Registration is closed

Further information

Download flyer.

The conference is supported by funding through the Danish Council for Strategic Research, Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) and the Banatao Institute@CITRIS Berkeley, and Innovation Centre Denmark.

For information contact Project Manager Kristine Kirkensgaard (