Confirmed speakers – University of Copenhagen

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Confirmed speakers

Prof. Jay Keasling - U.C. Berkeley, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Phil Baran - Scripps Research Institute, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Dr. Lynn Rothschild - NASA's Ames Research Center, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Richard Kitney - Imperial College London, GB (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Stephen Mayfield - U.C. San Diego, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Dr. Sunil Chandran - Amyris, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jørgen Hansen - Evolva, DK (download ABSTRACT)
Dr. Thomas Högberg - LEO-Pharma, DK (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Krishna (Kris) Niyogi - U.C. Berkeley, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Steve Oliver - University of Cambridge, GB (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Christoph Benning - Michigan State University, MI (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Jutta Heim - Aravis SA, CH (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Birger Lindberg Møller - University of Copenhagen, DK (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Poul Erik Jensen - University of Copenhagen, DK
Prof. Wim Vermaas - Arizona State Uni, AZ (download ABSTRACT)
Assistant Prof. John Dueber - U.C. Berkeley, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Assistant Prof. Ming Hammond - U.C. Berkeley, CA (download ABSTRACT)
Assistant Prof. Packo Lamers - Wageningen UR, NL (download ABSTRACT)
Dr. Dominique Loqué - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory & JBEI, CA (download ABSTRACT)

Speakers selected from abstracts

Postdoc Johan Andersen-Ranberg, U. Copenhagen (download ABSTRACT)
Postdoc Agnieszka Zygadlo Nielsen, U. Copenhagen (download ABSTRACT)
PhD Student Tristan de Rond, UC Berkeley (download ABSTRACT)
Assistant Prof. Bushra Kiani, International Islamic University, Pakistan (download ABSTRACT)
Associate Prof. Yumiko Sakuragi, U. Copenhagen (download ABSTRACT)
Prof. Toshiya Muranaka, Osaka University, Japan (download ABSTRACT)
Dr. Michael Fero, TeselaGen Biotechnology (download ABSTRACT)
Co-founder Reshma Shetty, Ginkgo Bioworks, Inc. (download ABSTRACT)
Senior Scientist Morten Nørholm, Technical University of Denmark, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability (download ABSTRACT)
Postdoc Brian King, U. Copenhagen (download ABSTRACT)